Wednesday, April 09, 2008


~by Rudi

The storytellers and songwriters weren’t lying when they said
You can feel the radiance of love from your toes to your head.
Butterflies in your stomach, weakness in the knees,
Dry mouth, sweaty palms, Goosebumps without cold breeze.
This is the way I feel each time I hear your voice,
When I see your face, smell your hair my heart gives me no choice,
Like a genie, I aim to grant your each and every desire,
Every whim, every want, to please you I aspire.

Never have I wronged you, or lead you even close to wrath,
For as I tread on the journey to seek your love, eggshells lay on my path.
Never in my wildest dreams had I dreamt that you I’d find,
Yet alas I grasp for sand, as your heart is not mine.
My mind’s made up; to you my motives lay clear,
But to go beyond the boundaries which stand in my way... venture past, I not dare.
In each instance I lose my breath as we embrace goodbye,
Yet all I can do in my frustration is leave you with a sigh.

Am I an emotional masochist, when so freely my heart I expose,
Or am I an explorer in search of the lost, last true love? I suppose
I’m a little bit of both to so recklessly risk the above,
A skydiver of the heart as I plunge without a chute through the clouds of love.
Isn’t it strange how hard it is to let go of the one to whom your heart belongs?
No external act can break or bend it, no sonnets, no speeches, no songs.
How I hate to see you in such pain, but for me this pain I’d gladly bear
If with my support, my presence, my shoulder, my arms, I reduce the flow of just one tear.

I fear having said too much or not enough in this case,
My words may be unwanted, my thoughts be out of place.
There I go carefully, sheepishly walking on eggshells again,
Though I think I might consider wearing some shoes now and then.
But seriously, I don’t know if you’ll ever get to see these words, I fear
For you to make a decision in my best interest may be too hard for me to bear.
But for now I’ll wait until my heart tells me that it’s time
To stop being a wuss... get a life... and to waste such a sexy man would be a crime.

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