Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Beam

~by Rudi

The aggravation of the nation brings me to the realization...
To take out my frustration by putting pen to paper
Or finger to keyboard as the case may be...
For what I see is a population in much need of salvation
Divine intervention, bringing forth a revelation
Lame to walk, dumb to talk, blind to see... figuratively

Call me uninformed, but I personally choose not to watch the news.
Hearing about another crime, people fed up with the times,
Escalating prices, ongoing crisis, as the death rate rises to a record high.
Sometimes to an extent, I believe that ignorance is bliss
Feeling secure in an unsafe world, unaware of each escape of Death’s kiss.
What more should I be thankful for in times like this?

Safety and security has now become a privilege not all can afford
And being one of the lucky ones I thank God for each day.
For my family and friends, I pray each night for protection as they go on their way.
Depressing as it seems there’s one light, one beam
That reminds us that this life… this nightmare we fear
Is but a dream, but if in God in heaven we trust, we will join him there.