Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You Call That a Relationship?

~By Romain

Why the hang-up on relationships?
Men and women, together must be?
I say thee, "Nay!"
We need to open our eyes and see
the who we be when we are complete
in ourselves.

No wanting and yearning and needing
someone else to make me me.
That is my strength, and perhaps
your loneliness also.
But in strength I endure
and in strength I am sure
I can survive whatever is thrown my way,
sent to trip me up in these confusing
days of life, of love, of codependence.

I love me.
I love me some me
before ever I shall love thee!
For to hate oneself is to hate one's past,
one's shaping and making--
to be the architect of one's own breaking
and unmanning.
For women--they know.
They see you and see through you,
to your core.
They see the weak and the meek
and the frailty of your soul.
And they step on...

Step on to the brothers that 'come correct',
that do no right and bust no sweat.
That take all they have
and give nothing in return,
because in them they see the iron core--
they see that for which they yearn:
The strength to corrupt all they touch
and be untouched in return.
To leave battered and scarred
all that fall along their path.

But what choice do you propose?
What man do you disclose
with your whining
and willing and giving in;
with your lack of spine
and constant need and need and need for sex?
A two- to five- to nine-week stint
is all she'll get.
Be a man and have respect!

Respect her like she is your equal,
and then add two:
one for being her;
and one for seeing you.

Then perhaps she will have a choice.
To choose between a dog and a man.
And then?
Call that a relationship.