Thursday, April 10, 2008


~by Rudi

Forgiveness... it says it right there in the word itself,
highlighting the ‘give’, as the act is giving oneself.
Giving oneself the chance to breathe, the chance to move on
Letting go of certain negative feelings, until they’re all gone.
For the hatred and hurt that may fester inside
Will at sometime surface, having nowhere left to hide.
And the betrayal you feel you hold on to...must!
Becomes the reason you no longer believe in trust.

But to forgive someone is really a selfish act
Cause it’s actually meant to help the forgiver, in fact.
Less stress, less worries, less holding unto $#!t
Deleting useless files, making space bit by bit by bit.
So the trick is just to let it go, get over it, forgetting all the strife
Make a pact with yourself to just get on with your life
But at the same time I’m sure that I would win a bet
That you couldn’t name 5 persons who could truly
forgive and forget.


Neers said...

heyyy Rae! thank you for stopping by, girl! :) and this ones great! but you are right... forgiveness and people/ duh!!

i couldn't keep away for long...

Rae said...

:) Always great to hear from you Neers! This one's Rudi's and yea, I think it's great too and so true. Keep in touch!

Thankful Paul said...

Do you believe in miracles?