Wednesday, April 09, 2008

First Time

~by Rudi

It’s your first time, okay, don’t have to be afraid
No need to rush a thing when there’s love to be made
Don’t worry, I got this, you don’t have to do a thing
With your permission I’ll proceed to teach your body how to sing

Relax, it’s okay. We can move at your pace
There’s no one here but you and I, tonight it’s our place
It’s an honour you chose me to be your first
So you can trust me always, in this area I am versed

You’re too tense; I can feel it right here in your hips
Stop thinking so much, I see you biting you lips
We can stop whenever you like, if it gets to be too much
But for now just feel, follow the lead of my touch

Close your eyes and follow the moves of my hand
Soon with practice, the pleasure you’ll begin to understand
Why your body reacts to every single move
Why your breathing changes as we start to…groove

Slow down, don’t rush it, do you feel it in your toes
I know it feels good, here’s a kiss on your nose
See it’s easy, you just have to take a chance
And I told you, I knew my girlfriend could dance.

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