Monday, October 10, 2005

Translation: Trench Town Shock

Original: Trench Town Shock
By: Valerie Bloom

Waia, Miss May, trouble dey yah,
Ban yuh belly, Missis, do.
Mi Ha' one terrible piece o' news
An mi sarry fi sey it consarn yuh.

Yuh know yuh secon' or t'ird cousin?
Yuh great-aunt Edith Fred?
Im pick up imse'f gawn a pickcha show,
An police shoot im dead.

But a di bwoy own fault yah mah,
For im go out o' in way
Fi gawn fas' wid police-man,
At leas' a soh dem sey.

Dem sey im a creep oba di teata fence,
Dem halla 'who go deh?'
De bwoy dis chap one bad wud mah,
At leas' a soh dem sey.

De police sey 'tap or we opin fiah'.
But yuh know ow di bwoy stay,
Im gallop back come attack dem,
At leas' a soh dem sey.

Still, nutten woulda come from i',
But what yuh tink, Miss May?
Di bwoy no pull out lang knife mah!
At leas' a soh dem sey.

Dem try fi aim afta im foot
But im head get een di way,
Di bullit go 'traight through im brain,
At leas' a soh dem sey.

Dry yuh yeye, mah, mi know i hat,
But i happen ebery day,
Knife-man always attack armed police
At leas' a soh dem sey.


Miss May, Trouble.
Sit down and listen true.
I have terrible news
and I'm sorry to say, it concerns you.

Do you remember your cousin far removed?
Your great-aunt Edith's son, Fred?
He went to the movies
and was shot by the police, he's dead.

But it was his fault
because he went out of his way
to interfere with the policeman
at least, that's what they say.

They said he climbed over the fence,
and they shouted for his name
but the boy cursed an expletive
at least, that's what they claim.

The police said, "Stop or we will open fire"
But you know his thick head
He ran and attacked them
well...that's what they said.

Nothing would have happened,
but, my mind I'm sure you've read,
the boy pulled out a long knife
at least, that's what they said.

They tried aiming at his foot
but hit his head instead
the bullet went straight through his brain
at least, that's what they said.

Dry your eyes, I know it hurts,
but it happens everyday,
men with knives always attack the armed police
at least, that's what THEY say.


B said...

It's amazing how true these words ring after all this time.

Lumiel said...

yeah yeah, i like the stlye of this piece alot, never really heard much of the genre b4 but am definetly gonna search some out. Thanks 4 sharing :) Lumie

sherla kumarwo said...

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