Thursday, April 10, 2008


~by Rudi

Forgiveness... it says it right there in the word itself,
highlighting the ‘give’, as the act is giving oneself.
Giving oneself the chance to breathe, the chance to move on
Letting go of certain negative feelings, until they’re all gone.
For the hatred and hurt that may fester inside
Will at sometime surface, having nowhere left to hide.
And the betrayal you feel you hold on to...must!
Becomes the reason you no longer believe in trust.

But to forgive someone is really a selfish act
Cause it’s actually meant to help the forgiver, in fact.
Less stress, less worries, less holding unto $#!t
Deleting useless files, making space bit by bit by bit.
So the trick is just to let it go, get over it, forgetting all the strife
Make a pact with yourself to just get on with your life
But at the same time I’m sure that I would win a bet
That you couldn’t name 5 persons who could truly
forgive and forget.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Five Senses

~by Rudi

I see. I see candles as the rooms only form of illumination
That is, until I see you my princess, my love
I see your smile, not saying, “It’s nice to see you”, but an “I want you so” smile, “wont ever let you go” smile.
I see what you’re wearing. Oh my gosh! Be still my heart.
As I stand in the doorway of our room, this vision of beauty lays on the bed lightly covered in silk and lace. My favorite.
I see. I see rose petals that cover the bed, petals of white and red, spread all around you from toes to head.
I see strawberries and whip cream on the bedside table.
With each breath you take, I see the passion growing deep within your eyes.
With each slight movement you make, I can’t help but fantasize as I watch your shoulders fall and rise, I stare in awe at my gift, my prize.

I smell. I smell the sweet aroma of your skin as I move nigh, lightly scented by Chanel.
You put some thought into all of this I can tell. Simple details.
I smell the candles that burn ever so slowly, as time slows down to a crawl.
Chocolate and vanilla scents whet my appetite, but not for food, not for food at all.
Or I should say not for food alone.
I smell your hair, Herbal Essence. I love the smell of your hair, you washed it, today, and what have I done to deserve this, what ever it is tell me, and I’ll do it always.

I taste. I taste your lips, your soft, sweet lips.
Your soft, sweet, strawberry flavored lips.
With kisses I trail down to your neck, your shoulder, your arm to your fingertips
Taking note of each curve that your body possess…es
My lips proceed to do what lips do best
They go forth on a journey to explore
With each passing moment they grow adventurous, seeking to discover more
To boldly go where my lips have gone before
I taste. I taste passion with a topping of strawberries and whip cream all over your body…if passion had a taste.

I hear. I know passion has a sound.
Many sounds in fact, beginning with the letters “O” and “A” and “M” and…
In fact, I re-name the alphabet it is now called…passion.
I hear your voice as you whisper my name
I hear your voice as you shout the same
I hear your moans muffled by my kiss
Nothing, oh nothing could be better than this.
I hear the stir of silk, your attire, the sheets, damp as we perspire, rubbing together like flint, pure desire, with a gash our bodies catch afire
The sound stops, only skin.

I feel.


~by Rudi

The storytellers and songwriters weren’t lying when they said
You can feel the radiance of love from your toes to your head.
Butterflies in your stomach, weakness in the knees,
Dry mouth, sweaty palms, Goosebumps without cold breeze.
This is the way I feel each time I hear your voice,
When I see your face, smell your hair my heart gives me no choice,
Like a genie, I aim to grant your each and every desire,
Every whim, every want, to please you I aspire.

Never have I wronged you, or lead you even close to wrath,
For as I tread on the journey to seek your love, eggshells lay on my path.
Never in my wildest dreams had I dreamt that you I’d find,
Yet alas I grasp for sand, as your heart is not mine.
My mind’s made up; to you my motives lay clear,
But to go beyond the boundaries which stand in my way... venture past, I not dare.
In each instance I lose my breath as we embrace goodbye,
Yet all I can do in my frustration is leave you with a sigh.

Am I an emotional masochist, when so freely my heart I expose,
Or am I an explorer in search of the lost, last true love? I suppose
I’m a little bit of both to so recklessly risk the above,
A skydiver of the heart as I plunge without a chute through the clouds of love.
Isn’t it strange how hard it is to let go of the one to whom your heart belongs?
No external act can break or bend it, no sonnets, no speeches, no songs.
How I hate to see you in such pain, but for me this pain I’d gladly bear
If with my support, my presence, my shoulder, my arms, I reduce the flow of just one tear.

I fear having said too much or not enough in this case,
My words may be unwanted, my thoughts be out of place.
There I go carefully, sheepishly walking on eggshells again,
Though I think I might consider wearing some shoes now and then.
But seriously, I don’t know if you’ll ever get to see these words, I fear
For you to make a decision in my best interest may be too hard for me to bear.
But for now I’ll wait until my heart tells me that it’s time
To stop being a wuss... get a life... and to waste such a sexy man would be a crime.

First Time

~by Rudi

It’s your first time, okay, don’t have to be afraid
No need to rush a thing when there’s love to be made
Don’t worry, I got this, you don’t have to do a thing
With your permission I’ll proceed to teach your body how to sing

Relax, it’s okay. We can move at your pace
There’s no one here but you and I, tonight it’s our place
It’s an honour you chose me to be your first
So you can trust me always, in this area I am versed

You’re too tense; I can feel it right here in your hips
Stop thinking so much, I see you biting you lips
We can stop whenever you like, if it gets to be too much
But for now just feel, follow the lead of my touch

Close your eyes and follow the moves of my hand
Soon with practice, the pleasure you’ll begin to understand
Why your body reacts to every single move
Why your breathing changes as we start to…groove

Slow down, don’t rush it, do you feel it in your toes
I know it feels good, here’s a kiss on your nose
See it’s easy, you just have to take a chance
And I told you, I knew my girlfriend could dance.